Many of us are familiar with the Stimulus Checks distributed nationwide by the US Government. Stimulus checks are intended to stimulate the economy by providing tax-paying consumers with some spending money within their communities. When taxpayers spend this money, it boosts consumption and drives revenues at retailers and manufacturers – and thus spurs the economy.

Direct Impact On SCP Clients.

SCP has felt the effects of our clients receiving stimulus checks on many different levels. Without trying to validate the amount Americans actually need, what has been received by our clients has made a direct impact, setting off a chain of events stimulating small businesses like SCP and the quest to help our clients.

As of this writing there has been over 150 clients who have just received the $600.00 stimulus payment. Clients have used the extra money to purchase new glasses and hearing aids. Money has been used for incidental spending by the clients buying a new outfit or to purchase lunch with a friend. Each of these clients who spent money have stimulated the economy, but also enhanced their everyday relationships.
The hearing aid allowed a client to hear conversations better with their grandchild. A new outfit was excitedly worn while visiting with an old friend.

Direct Impact On SCP Staff – And Beyond.

SCP staff also felt the impact. Employees were able to help clients with their purchases by ordering for them or paying the bill, or bringing the deposit to the bank. Each of these transactions, set off by spending, provided SCP employees a chance to positively interact with other companies and help their businesses benefit. I know when I deposited stimulus checks at various banks on behalf of a client, I had friendly interactions with the employees there and I was proud to share the joy that clients received their checks. The banks were grateful for the activity in the branches, and to keep their employees employed.

Endless Possibilities.

The ripples really are endless if you think about each small purchase and the spreading and waves it creates to so many different areas of the economy. Not only has there been boosts to businesses, but more human interactions have been felt as well.

The Team At SCP GSP Hopes That Each And Every One Of You Is Safe And Well.

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