Every day, the SCP/GSP staff are routinely contacting our clients to ensure their well-being.
Our team also continues swift emergency action for every client situation that arises – whether our client is in the community, hospital or long term care facility. Though it has been a considerable challenge, we are working with each of our clients remotely and SCP/GSP’s Executive Director and Vice President have attended emergency hearings for guardianship via video conferencing with a limited number of operating county courts.

Ongoing Assessments and Monitoring

For the foreseeable future, SCP/GSP is anticipating that aggressive long-term care facility restrictions will continue be in place. We’ve found that nursing home staff have been extremely helpful with updates to our client’s statuses as we cannot physically visit due to safety protocols. Currently, each of the SCP/GSP clinical care management specialists are auditing each of our non-nursing home clients for either audio or virtual capabilities to encourage tele check ins. When needed, our clinical care management specialists do provide on-site services if urgent needs arise, such as delivery of AIM spending cards or installations of fall alert systems. 

The Power of Virtual Check-Ins

Wherever possible, the SCP/GSP team is trying to virtually connect for client wellness checks. We are also actively encouraging care givers and family members to try to provide or enable smart phones, tablet or computers so we can increase the amount of video connections to our clients. We’ve found that there are multiple benefits to video connections:

  • Prevention of social isolation.
  • Reduced loneliness.
  • Increased activity encouragement.
  • Increased psycho-social stimulation.
  • Observation and support to enhance medication compliance. 
  • Support and monitoring of chronic disease management.

SCP/GSP Expands Reach

SCP/GSP has opened a new office in Central Pennsylvania.  We are very excited about our company’s growth in this region and we are actively servicing clients and attending non-emergency and emergency hearings in Huntingdon and Columbia counties.

We Are Here For You

SCP/GSP is available 24/7 for all emergencies or making contact with family members and caregivers. Should you have any older adult client in need of telephone or video monitoring assistance with online grocery delivery or any other services, please don’t hesitate to Susan Brown at SCP/GSP: 610-565-5588 (ext.14) sbrown@scpandgsp.com.