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Above and Beyond

Every day, the team at SCP goes above and beyond in our dedicated care to our clients—even when some things are out of our traditional scope of services.

Below are a few examples of the non-traditional services we provide

above and beyond family services

Family Services

  • Supervising family visits or court ordered visits
  • Transitioning clients who are released from correctional facilities to stable living locations
  • Acting as emergency room or hospital advocate
  • Obtaining Identification for non-US resident
  • Birthday party planning
  • Companionship: transfer of higher functioning clients to places of interest
  • Funeral coordination
above and beyond care management

Maintaining Home Environment

  • Assisting clients with budgeting and bill paying service and monitoring

  • Caregiver education

  • Coordination of pest removal services

  • Meeting with utility companies or contractor at the home
    (Ensure services are delivered and costs are monitored)

  • Arranging for client to move from community home to formal care setting
    (Acclimation to new environment, organizing and unpacking)

above and beyond guardianship services

Real Estate

  • Coordinate home sales
  • Clean outs
  • Estate auctions
  • Heirloom distribution
above and beyond long term care

Automotive Services

  • Coordinate car sales
  • Transportation for driver examinations
  • Transportation for car maintenance
above and beyond senior care

Pet Services

  • Coordination and transportation of client pets for vet appointments
  • Pet rescue: when a client can no longer care for pets
  • Animal relocation when client moves to long term care facility

SCP has Certifications with The National Association of Professional Care Managers and The National Guardianship Association.