Pennsylvania Facilities Fighting Hard Against The Virus

Across the country, Nursing and Rehabilitation facilities were some of the hardest hit environments and  continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. In Pennsylvania,  as of mid-July, many nursing homes are reporting 0 cases which is a testament to how incredible and profound heroes in long term care settings are working to keep their residents and their staff safe.  We at SCP/GSP are very encouraged by these latest reports.

A Heart-Warming Story

In a time of great uncertainty, we are overjoyed to report that one of our Guardian clients – a bright and cheery woman in her 90’s, who has lived through cancer in previous years,  has recently also made a full recovery from the COVID-19 Virus. It has been extraordinary to hear about our older adult clients who have beat  this horrible virus through sheer will and determination – and with the amazing healthcare provided by Pennsylvania hospital and nursing facility staff. 

Diligently Monitoring Our Clients

Here at SCP and GSP, Our care managers are working very hard to monitor clients who reside in long term care facilities as well as those living in residential settings.  We have been out in the communities during mental health crisis episodes, tele monitoring residents in long term care settings, taking clients to important and time-sensitive medical appointments.  In addition, we have been managing the care coordination and care planning on behalf of older adults residing in their own homes.

The SCP/GSP Team Is Staying Strong

SCP/GSP continues to  take great pride of our team of clinicians who provide diligent and methodical social work services to our clients. In addition, our business office is doing a superb job of not missing a beat to ensure our clients are in the most trusted and capable hands. 

We Are Here For You

SCP/GSP is available 24/7 for all emergencies or making contact with family members and caregivers. Should you have any older adult client in need of telephone or video monitoring assistance with online grocery delivery or any other services, please don’t hesitate to Susan Brown at SCP/GSP: 610-565-5588 (ext.14)