Many, Many Thanks.

SCP and GSP wish to extend our thanks to all the heroes in long term care facilities, and hospitals for the truly extraordinary sacrifices they have made since the onset of COVID-19. From the onset of the virus, to the subtle decline in cases over the summer and then the heightened alarm with the onset of so many new cases in our area, 2020 certainly has been a roller coaster –that we all want to get off! We have lost clients throughout the year to COVID and other illnesses and our thoughts are with their families and loved ones. As we move through this difficult time, our focus now is creating positive reinforcement and support to our elderly clients so in need of human contact and connection. 

Mary’s Story.

At the beginning of March, Mary’s nursing home closed its doors to all visitors to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Mary and her fellow residents were quarantined in their rooms. In April, Mary contracted COVID-19 and was given prophylactic treatment. Mary was very lucky as she had no signs or symptoms of COVID much to our relief. She remained in her room during treatment. Mary recovered to her base line prior to COVID but since then, had had to endure weekly testing. Mary and her SCP/GSP care manager speak often. Mary frequently expresses feelings of loneliness, boredom and sounds in and out of confusion over the phone as the isolation does not help cognitive stimulation. She has a deep desire to go out on facility shopping trips and out to lunch as she had during pre-covid times. She often requests make up and personal care products to make her feel better. Mary’s SCP/GSP care manager sends items to her via the mail since visitors are still unable to enter the facility to see her. These little packages will perk her up a bit and give her some positive energy. 

The good news is that recently Mary has been able to go outside on their porch which she really looks forward to. What we all may take for granted, walking outside and breathing in fresh air, is something precious and scarce to those isolated in facilities. The staff are working very hard to ensure they socialize with residents, take them out on porch and so on. Sadly, as long as COVID-19 is plaguing our communities they can only do so much for each resident. 

Although Mary’s story is positive in that she is an elderly woman in a facility who survived the diagnosis of COVID-19, it is important to acknowledge the emotional and physical toll this disease has taken on residents and faculty alike. 

Get In Touch.

If you know a nursing home resident, send them a card, a care package, or a note. These small gestures go a long way in making a nursing home residents’ life a little brighter and will offer them hope. 

A New Enrichment Program.

We are excited to announce the development of the SCP/GSP Client Enrichment Program. 

Two of our very talented and committed care managers are spear heading this new department which will offer nursing home residents and our community clients enrichment activities. Stay tuned as we have some very fun programs in the making!

Take a minute or more each day to be grateful. Gratitude has an amazing way of easing fear, frustration, disappointment and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Just as our wonderful Mary is filled with gratitude for a breath of fresh air, and another one of our clients living in a nursing home, who was filled with gratitude watching a bug crawl through the grass when he was allowed to be outside again…..take a look around……what can you be grateful for? 

Again, we wish you Happy Holidays during unusual times and a Happy New Year as well!

SCP Provides Long Term Care Planning, care coordination and care management with the goal of promoting the well-being, dignity and self-worth of each of our individual clients.  SCP is available 24/7 and is a leader in the Care Management Industry. Contact Susan Brown at SCP/GSP: 610-565-5588 (ext.14)