SCP Clinical Services

We Begin with a Quick Response

Referrals to SCP are addressed swiftly as we understand the importance and urgency of immediately managing client needs.

Evaluation and Written Plan of Action

We begin with a clinical assessment of each client as a first step in the process. A Written Plan of Action for individual care is submitted for review and approval.

Executing on the Written Plan

Executing the plan and monitoring client’s care and well being is our number one priority. Updates are submitted on a regular basis regarding client’s status. We are available to discuss any questions and concerns you may have regarding your clients 7 days a week.

Ongoing Monitoring

SCP’s Care Managers are available 24/7, as matters of urgent nature don’t just occur during regular office hours. Our quick response policy is set up to address client needs not when it’s convenient, but as it occurs.

Constant Communication

Family, friends and community play an integral role in a client’s life. These relationships may be of benefit or detriment to a client’s well being. Our trained and experienced clinicians specialize in mediation, inclusion of informal supports, and understand how to limit and/or terminate access to a client should someone have a negative effect on their physical, emotional or financial well-being. Our client-centered approach supports healthy and supportive relationships while those that are not healthy are excluded from their care plan.

Re-location To Appropriate Care Setting

A client’s physical, mental and emotional status may change with little notice. Our staff are well educated and have vast experience with level of care placement and in-home level of care planning.

Travel to Unsafe Or Logistically Challenging Locations

Lets’ face it, there are many areas in our region where physical safety is a concern or travel to/ from can be cumbersome. SCP knows the importance of clinical work on site and will ensure that we complete any and all necessary visits to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

Client Appointments

Can vary from doctor appointments, benefit appointments to every day outings. We coordinate travel as needed and transport those clients who, because of a physical or mental challenge, are unable to go with an aide or independently.

SCP Clinical Services is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

SCP is available for our clients around the clock